Congratulations 2021 Ec.D. / Ec.D.(F) Recipients

On behalf of the EDAC Board of Directors, we would like to thank and congratulate all recipients for their dedication and hard work to earn their Ec.D. Designation and Ec.D.(F) Fellowship Designation in 2021!

Members who have earned the Ec.D. Designation continue to be highly sought after in our field. Increasingly, the Ec.D. is being included as a requirement for career opportunities. This designation, along with a requirement of re-certification every three years, ensures a uniform and professional basis for all Canadians employed in this field which is supported by industry and governments.


Jennifer Penney, Ec.D.(F)

Natasha Apollonova, Ec.D.

Christina Doll, Ec.D.

Alison Earls, Ec.D.

Jeremy Elomaa, Ec.D.

Natasha Gaudio-Harrison, Ec.D.

Bruce Livingstone, Ec.D.

Kelsey Luxton, Ec.D.

Jaymie Nelson, Ec.D.

Chantal Ouellette, Ec.D.

Benjamin Shantz, Ec.D.

Stephanie Slaman, Ec.D.

Danielle Carter, Ec.D.

EDAC’s Certified Economic Developer (Ec.D.) program and certification are based on professional development, academics and practical experience. Learn how to get your Ec.D.